419 and 412 Plan Fraud

You think you know what you are getting when you buy an insurance plan, but what do you do when you find out that your plan does not work they way you thought?

If you have been misled by your insurance broker, you may have been the victim of fraud. We protect the rights of the victims of 419 and 412 plan fraud.
· Have you purchased an IRC 419 Employee Welfare Benefit Plan after being told the contributions were fully deductible from federal and state income taxes, only to find out that this was not the case?
· Did you purchase a trust you may not have needed, funded with substantial amounts of life insurance because you were told you could build up cash value tax-free and then have use of the funds tax-free?
If you have been misled about information regarding your employee welfare benefits, you may have been the victim of 419 and 412 plan fraud.
When consumers are misled and given false information by insurance brokers, they have the right to sue the fraudulent agents and insurance company that sold the plan.

The information provided herein is not intended as legal, accounting, financial or any other type of advice for any specific individual or other entity. You should contact an appropriate professional for any such advice.

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